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How did trade routes connecting Africa Europe and Asia help spread technology and religion? In all things, there is a master plan. 121: 1. 7 When Jesus was born, the entire Mediterranean world was aA European slave trader could be caught out by a change in fashion and find that the beads he had chosen were no longer wanted by his African trading partner. The Bristol ship the Africa in 1774 was left with a large quantity of unsold beads. The involvement of Bristol in the Africa trade boosted industry in and around the city. what did europe trade to africa

Contrary to popular views about precolonial Africa, local manufacturers were at this time creating items of comparable, if not superior, quality to those from preindustrial Europe. Trade Relations among European and African Nations. See works of art. 1996. 456. . . Works of Art (4) Essay. Trade among European and

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Trade between Europe and Africa. Before the horrific trade in human goods' began between Europe and west Africa, Europeans, particularly the Dutch and the Portuguese, had already begun trading items such as cloth and metal ware with west African countries as early as the fifteenth century. It was the transatlantic slave trade however

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While trade between Africa and the rest of the world in the 1800s is often associated with slave trade, there were other types of trade taking place during the same period. Many African states along the coast and in the inner parts traded in palm oil, groundnuts and rubber. As Europe began to

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What did European slave trade do to Africa? European slave traders did allot of harm to Africa by kidnapping ordinary tribes people and taking them to the New World to be sold as slaves.

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