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The Department of Military Veterans is the governmental department in South Africa responsible for providing South African military veterans with support and services. The current political head of the department is Nosiviwe MapisaNqakula the Minister of Defence and MilitarySouth African Army. The South African Army is the army of South Africa, first formed after the Union of South Africa was created in 1910. The South African military evolved within the tradition of frontier warfare fought by Boer Commando (militia) forces, reinforced by army pension south africa

Both old SADF and MK veterans can receive state benefits Military veterans have been urged come forward and register for government benefits before end of day today ( Friday June 17). But they should remember to bring their force numbers, the South African Military

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Department of Military Veterans January 22 Due to the DMV website being offline and the Basic Education Support lists being inaccessible, provincial lists are available here and updated as lists of other provinces become available.

Ideally the individual veteran should be registered with a recognised Veteran Organisation (in accordance with the Military Veterans Act 18 of 2011). There are many veteran organisations that are not registered and who are not affiliated with the Council of Military Veterans Organisations of South Africa (CMVO).

Pensions. The DirectorGeneral also announced that they reached an agreement with the Department of Social Development to utilise the capacity and capability of South African Social Security Agency to accelerate the delivery of pensions to military veterans. He said the Ministry will soon be making the detailed announcement of this matter.

However the regulations are unclear as to whether the pension is what you would normally expect of a pension or whether it would apply for example to need based on injuries etc. In any event you would not get a blanket pension but after registration a veteran would need to show and pass a

As the pension in South Africa provided by the state is a meanstested grant rather than contributionbased, you dont have to have lived or worked in South Africa for any period of time to claim the South African pension.

Military Pensions are approved in terms of the Military Pensions Act (Act 84 of 1976) and provide funds for soldiers injured in combat. The Act also provides for members from former political organisations, referred to as Nonstatutory Forces (NSF), who were injured or disabled, or who contracted diseases while performing official duties.

Special Pensions give effect to Section 189 of the interim Constitution, providing pensions to individuals who made sacrifices or served the public interest in establishing a democratic constitutional order in South Africa.

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Fund Background The Municipal Employees Pension Fund was established on 1 July 1970 in terms of

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