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There are various ways that you can propagate desired African violet plant: rooting from leafs, getting Rooting and Propagating African Violets If you ever wondered how to propagate African violets it is very easy job to do.Aug 15, 2009 Grow your own African Violets by rooting leaves. You could start some beautiful potted violets using this method. Steps. Put stones or pebbles of a medium size in a shallow dish. Add enough tap water to to leave the tops of the pebbles dry. Pinch or snip a healthy leaf with some stem from your violet plant. rooting african violets plant

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African Violets: Propagation by Leaf Step 1: Remove and trim leaf. Remove a fresh leaf from the plant that you wish to propagate. Step 2: Cut leaf petiole. See photo at right. Cut the petiole (i. e. Step 3: Root the leaf cutting. See photo at left. Fill a small pot with your rooting medium. Step

Transfer these plants into a onesizeup container with a 1 part African Violet Mix and 1 part rooting medium mix, the same as the one we put together for the cuttings. Final Thoughts. I love African violets. They remind me of the grandness of Africa.

2 Ways to Root African Violets From Leaf Cuttings Most indoor plants are foliage plants, but African Violets bloom all the time and come in so many colors! They are so easy to grow, in fact, you can root a new plant easily from a single leaf cutting!

African violets should be repotted about twice a year, or every 56 months. One mature, this simply means repotting the plant with some fresh soil, into the same size pot. Never use a pot larger than the plants root systemfor standards, this usually means about a 4 pot, for minis and semiminis, a pot no larger than 2 12.

African violet propagation can be done from leaf cuttings, or they can be grown from seed. Peat can be used to germinate the seeds, but perlite, vermiculite, greensand and Epsom salt should be used to make the soil lighter. The seeds germinate in about eight to 14 days. Temperature for the soil should be between 65 and 75 F. (1824 C).

For plants like African violets, it means you are not permitted to take cuttings to propagate new plants. The exclusive propagation rights are in effect so long as the trademark is active, which is generally 5 or 10 years. Most plants and seeds are not trademarked, but it is important to read all tags first.

African violet is one of the most loved indoor plants. Most indoor plants are foliage plants, but African Violet blooms all the time and comes in so many colors. They are easy to grow and propagate.

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African Violet Sucker Propagation. Pups, also known as suckers, are miniature plants that grow from the base of the mother plant. A pup grows from the plants main stem not from a leaf or from the crown. A mature African violet might have one pup, or it may have several. Removing suckers is a good way to propagate a new plant,

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