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Ananzi is a search engine for South Africa's classified ads as well as a South African businesses. Ananzi Ads is your onestop shop for finding the best ads for property, jobs, cars etc.Search engine and news site designed to show search results and news stories from African American websites. Search results from the rest of the web are also shown, but with lower priority. african search engine

African News Search Engine. University of Toronto students looking for news from Africa from the late 19th and early 20th centuries can use African Newspapers from the World Newspaper Archive to search more than sixty newspapers published between 1800 and 1922.

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South African search engines cater for the needs of people in search of information. Their search portals are easy to use and provide useful information on South African and international topics. There are a number of search engines that limit their coverage to only pulling South African search results.

African search engine for all you want to know about Africa.

South Africa: Search ZA: Search the directory with an option to include only. za domains. Ananzi: South African web directory. Aardvark: A newer search engine that utilizes a Google custom search.

Search engine, road maps, News, South Africa. Get your free Funnel Search Bar! Directory: Advertising Programs Submit Your Site Contact Us Funnel Search Bar: Searching 2, 684, 171 pages and documents from South African web pages. Make Funnel Your Homepage!

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This graph shows the market share of search engines in Africa based on over 10 billion monthly page views.

First Blackowned Search Engine. It matters because BlackVoices is wholly owned by the Tribune Company; Black Families by Cox Communications; BlackPlanet. com by an Asian company; and Soul City HBO by AOLTimesWarner. BlackWebPortal is the only site that is 100 AfricanAmerican owned.

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Statement from African Engine team: Due to Chr0m3's previous involvement in the development of African Engine and his current legal situation, I think it is best that development and sales of African Engine are stopped, as a result of this I have shutdown African Engine (this is a permanent decision), I apologize for any inconveniences this has caused, but I think this is the best action.

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