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2020-03-29 16:28

Affirmative action and the perpetuation of racial identities in postapartheid South Africa Neville Alexander Introductory remarks Building a nation or promoting national unity, which is one of the historic objectives of postapartheid South Africa as we set out to give shape to the new historical community that is evolving here, raises aIn South Africa, the constitutional court recently struck down an affirmativeaction policy on the grounds that it was irrational. Supporters of affirmative action argue that affirmative action in south africa debate

South Africa is the only country where affirmative action is currently used to favour a majority which has complete political control. That the majority requires legislation to protect them against a 9 minority group is testament to a complete failure on their part to build their own wealth making structures.

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Chapter 3. Affirmative Action in South Africa: Development approaches and legislative requirements. 63. that the successful implementation thereof requires a change in the hearts and minds (spiritual. essence) of employees, mainly by means of accepting a new set of values (De Beer, 2003).

Mbeki's entry into the debate is perhaps the most measured. In his letter in ANC Today, Mbeki assembles local and international reports to engage issues that are raised against affirmative action.

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South Africas Affirmative Action Debate. Some are now pushing for the use of nonracial measures of disadvantagefor example, whether applicants parents went to a university, or the quality of the high schools the students themselves attended, writes Times reporter Celia W. Dugger.

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