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The Rights of foreigners employed without valid work permits in South Africa. The permit then subsequently expired as a result of a delay by Discovery to issue Lanzatte with the requisite paperwork to apply for his permit. He was then immediately dismissed by Discovery on the basis that he no longer had a valid work permit.Work Permits SA subscribe to Googles rules on transparency. We are a privatelyowned immigration practice and as such comply with the Immigration Act of South Africa. We are not the South African south africa work permit validity

Check the status of your visapermit Check your status of your visapermit Its your first time in South Africa and youve recently submitted your temporary residence application to the Department of Home Affairs and youre anxiously waiting in anticipation for the 60 80 day waiting period for home affairs to process your application.

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Intracompany Transfer Work Visa South Africa: for applicants who are employed by a foreign company and are transferring to a branch, subsidiary or affiliate of that company in South Africa. If your company structure is right, this is a relatively easy permit to get approved, but its only valid for four years.

South African Work Permits Requirements. South African work permit costs may differ for each South African embassy. It is important to note that there is an additional fee charged if you are making use of the professional services of an immigration practitioner to prepare your application.

Most people are unaware of the fact that a South African permanent residence permit (PRP) may be withdrawn by the Department of Home Affairs. i am married to an SA citizen and have a valid work permit. All for more than 8years now. My permanent residence permit has been pending for more than 4years now without any explaination Can you

Under the new Department of Home Affairs policy, the maximum validity of a visa is the passports validity period minus 30 days. The policy affects individuals currently holding South African visas as well as those applying for or renewing visas, and affects visas issued abroad or incountry.

Work Visa General. A General Work Visa South Africa, is one of 5 types of work visa categories that you can make a work visa application under. Unlike the others types of work visa, the general work visa requires that the employer has made every attempt to try to fill their vacant position with either a South African Citizen or permanent resident.

South African Quota Work Visa is a temporary residence permit issued to foreign nationals who are willing to move to South Africa for working and staying in the country with their dependents. The potential for permanent residency is high for immigrants who remain in the country for 5 years.

General Work Visa. This is a kind of work visa issued to predetermined number of employees needed in a particular occupational category determined by the Minister. Important Information on Applying for South African Visas. Effective 10 May 2015, applicants for visas will be required to apply in person at the South African mission.

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Intracompany transfer work permits: Granted to those who are being transferred by their company to work in a South African company. This permit is valid for a period of 2 years and cannot be renewed or extended. Temporary residence permits are issued on request to applicants who intend to visit South Africa for a period of over three (3)

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