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The serval (Leptailurus serval) is a wild species of cat native to the African continent. Servals and other species of wild cats were kept as pets by humans in Egypt thousands of years ago, and they were also kept to keep the rodent populations from consuming grain stores.All our serval kittens are human imprinted and raised in the presence of a loving family. Serious inquires only Call or email for more Johannesburg: New litters Serval and Caracal kittens Available: Cats. , Cats in South Africa, Pets& Animals for Sale classifieds, Pets& Animals for Sale in Gauteng, Pets& Animals for Sale in South Africa. serval kittens for sale south africa

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Location: South Carolina super socilized serval kittens for sale. 1 male and 2 females. 5, 500 each. Born and will be ready to go. 1st shots and Health Certificates provided.

The name Serval is derived from a Portuguese word meaning wolfdeer. The Servals are a small cat species that inhabits the jungles and the plains of Morocco, Algeria and South Africa and are bred domestically and raised as pets. African Servals are also known as the poor mans cheetah .

Serval. A Serval is an exotic cat that is native to South Africa and commonly referred to as a tiger bush cat. They thrive in moist climates and are most often found in the wetter portions of Africa.

Kittens, in litters of three to four, are born in thick grass cover or underbrush. The gestation period is 6872 days. In South Africa the serval is found in parts of the Northern Province, Mpumalanga, KwaZuluNatal Drakensberg and in Lesotho. It is classified as rare in the South African Red Data Book.

SCIENTIFIC NAME Leptailurus serval. COMMON NAMES African Serval, Serval, Serval Cat. NAME ORIGIN The name Serval is derived from a Portuguese word meaning deerlike wolf (cervus deer). In Africa it is commonly referred to as a 'bush cat and in Afrikaans (South Africa) it is known as a tierboskat which means 'tiger bush cat

Please note: The Serval, from which the Savannah is a hybridized making, is a CITES controlled species. This is fine if you live in America where the Serval is not indigenous, but is not fine in South Africa

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Serval Kittens For Sale Serval Cat Breeders. The adult male Serval can stand up to 20 inches at the shoulders and weigh around 40 pounds. This is a secretive medium

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