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2020-04-04 06:16

African Lodges. Our lodging is intended to satisfy your most demanding requirements. Spacious apartments equipped with luxurious hunterstyle furniture, great catering facilities offering international and local food, and entrancing surrounds will give you theSouth Africa Hunting Packages! We are your guide to adventure worlwide: Africa, South America, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Guatemala, Panama, Nebraska. south african hunting trip

South Africa Hunting Packages. View All Hunt Packages. Your African Hunt Package includes: Trophy Fees for Animals listed in Package (below) Accomodations at our Hunting Lodge on our South African Concession; Guided and Licensed Professional Hunter for your Hunt; Services of Trackers, Drivers and Skinners Optional Day trips to Marakelle

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Most hunts in South Africa are spotandstalk or safari style, with the hunters covering ground either on foot or by vehicle and, once an animal is spotted, completing a stalk on foot. Terrain varies dramatically from relatively flat savanna to rugged mountains, depending on the region of the country youre hunting.

African Echo Safaris is our latest addition to partners in South Africa here you get good hunting at very reasonable prices. EZulu Safaris ist the place to choose, if you want luxury in all aspects. So, as you see, we have lots of things to offer in South Africa please see more about the different hunting trips

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This South African hunting package is perfect for the hunter on a first trip to Africa as well as those with limited time or a strict budget. Taking place in the highveld, hunters booked for this plains game hunting safari will get to experience breathtaking scenery and take in the aweinspiring sight of massive herds of game traveling across the open grasslands.

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