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2020-03-29 13:54

HOUSTON A giant African land snail was discovered in the back yard of a Houston home and now researchers are sending out a warning. Unfortunately, humans are picking the snails up, said DrMar 17, 2019  Giant African Land Snail reportedly found in Houston, researcher warns of rat lungworm risk A Houston homeowner in west Houston spotted a big snail giant african land snail houston

The giant African land snail is considered one of the most invasive pests in the world, and is believed responsible for carrying a parasite (in its slime, no less) that is responsible for a form of meningitis that is harmful to humans.

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Giant African land snails are making their way into Houston, Texas, and residents are being warned that the oversized creatures are dangerous to touch because they may carry meningitis.

GIANT SNAILS. HOUCHRON CAPTION ( ): Giant African land snails, are illegal in the United States. The palmsize pests reproduce rapidly and can transmit meningitis.

First Florida and now Texas a giant African land snail has been spotted in a second state. Giant African land snails take over Florida 7 photos. The snail was seen by a woman in Houston and

May 08, 2013 Bad news for the Lone Star state: The slimy, parasitecarrying giant African land snails are heading southwest. According to NBC News, a Houston woman recently spotted the pest in her backyard garden.

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Nov 24, 2007 Giant African Land Snails are native to East Africa, but they have adapted to many other countries, as they are an invasive species. They can grow to 10 inches or 25 centimeters in length.

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