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2020-03-30 22:45

Exclusively populated by Afrikaners, the town of Orania located in the remote parts of South Africas Northern Cape Province, has had its own currency known as the Ora since 2004. Pegged to the rand, the Orania Chamber of Commerce has been responsible for printing the communitys currency.How can the answer be improved? orania south africa currency

Orania, one of the last outposts of racial segregation, is a whitesonly enclave. Around 1, 000 people live in the rural community, established in 1991 during the last years of apartheid.

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Whitesonly Orania eyes audacious move to virtual currency. Orania was created by Afrikaners on private land in 1991 ahead of the dawn of democracy and its residents are mostly white farmers or traders. The town maintains its unique racial makeup by vetting and interviewing prospective residents.

Orania plans new ecurrency. Although Orania does not insist on payments in Ora, the town profits from every sale of its currency by holding deposited rands in an interest account. The Ora is not officially sanctioned by the South African Reserve Bank, but residents can currently exchange South African rands for physical Ora at

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South African WhitesOnly Town To Launch Digital Currency for Whites. Orania, which is estimated to have a population 1, 300 people, already uses a local currency known as the ora, which is printed by the towns own chamber of commerce and distributed through the central bank, according to CNN.

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