Chicken licken franchises for sale in south africa

2020-03-31 13:26

How much it costs to buy a franchise in South Africa. The initial franchise fee is R150, 000. 00. Chicken Licken extracts a royalty fee (6) and advertising share (6) that account for 12 of the franchises turnover. Chicken Licken does not provide finance, though financial organisations normally require that the applicant provide approximately 50 of the loan.whichfranchise has a list of Chicken Franchises for Sale in South Africa. Find out more about buying a South African Chicken Franchise. chicken licken franchises for sale in south africa

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Chicken licken franchises for sale in south africa free

Financially stable individual with business acumen, living close to the proposed site and prepared to become fully involved in the running of the business.

Chicken Licken Franchise For Sale South Africa. It is therefore important to know that before you invest in any franchise that you do your homework and due diligence carefully, dont be in a hurry be patient you have a lot to lose if you fail.

Buying a Chicken Licken Franchise If you are interested in buying a Chicken Licken franchise, or any other chicken franchise in South Africa, then you need to

Because of our tightly controlled internal cost structures, we have proved that a Chicken Licken franchise can be successful anywhere in Africa. According to the Sunday Times Markinor 2007 brands survey, Chicken Licken is the second biggest fast food brand in South Africa.

The table below lists the costs of opening a new franchise of South Africas fast food chains, with franchise fees and monthly payments noted where information was available. Franchise Setup cost

Browse Chicken Licken South Africa Menu for 2019, and Fried Chicken Menu Prices& Specials. Dont miss the Chicken Licken restaurant specials, secret menu offers, and the latest promotions& discounts.

South Africas fast food industry is looking very healthy, being one of the market sectors that has experienced strong growth in revenue amid tough economic times in the country.

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chicken licken has established itself as one of south africa's leading brands, a commodity that translates into continued sales. IN REAL TERMS, CHICKEN LICKEN'S POSITIONING, AS THE BEST QUALITY AT A LOWER PRICE MEANS THAT, SHOULD THE ECONOMY FALTER, YOUR FRANCHISE WON'T SUFFER LIKE THE OTHER FLYBYNIGHT FRANCHISES.

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