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No person may manufacture or trade in firearms andor ammunition or conduct business as a gunsmith unless in possession of a licence issued by the South African Police Service. Applications for firearm licences, permits or authorisations must be submitted to the relevant Designated Firearms Officer at the local Police Station.Pretoria central firearm registry. Police crack open firearm licensing fraud syndicate. A special police unit says more arrests will be made as they crack open a firearms licensing fraud syndicate. central firearms registry south africa

During the Firearms Summit, it was noted there were still some challenges in the Central Firearm Registry (CFR), following interactions with South African Police Service (SAPS) on the matter last year.

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IF YOU deserve a firearm licence and qualify for one, you will get it. This is the promise from the head of the Central Firearms Register (CFR) in Pretoria, Brigadier Miriam Mangwane.

Firearm legislation in South Africa. Minimum waiting period used to exceed 2 years from date of application. The Central Firearms Registry implemented a turnaround strategy that has significantly improved the processing period of new licences. The maximum time allowed to process a licence application is now 90 days.

Pontsho Pontsana Kwakwantla Aphane added a new photo at SAPS Firearm Register. December 6, 2018 Pretoria, South Africa Natalie Shin Hartze was with Sam Dladla at SAPS Firearm Register.

Johannesburg Power surges, database problems, thousands of applications and poor tracking of homeland guns these are some of the problems facing the police who run the Central Firearms Registry.

Meeting report. Analysis of Work of Central Firearms Registry (CFR) Mr Thembani Mbadlanyana, Committee Researcher, after providing a brief introduction, looked at some key statistics noting that there were six million guns in South Africa or, roughly 12 for every 100 people.

Firearms Control Briefing 9 of 2015: Assessing the Central Firearms Registry Developed by Gun Free South Africa: www. gfsa. org. za In November 2010, the Minister of Police acknowledged the malfunctioning of the FR, which had

In order to get a licence for a firearm, you must: Get a competency certificate Apply for a licence The competency certificate is a new aspect of firearms licencing in South Africa.

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It is alleged that Brigadier Mathapelo Mangwani of the South African Central Firearms Register took bribes to fasttrack the issuing of licences for clients of the nations top gun shop

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