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South Africa strictly enforces entry and exit requirements and other immigration laws. Failure to observe these requirements may result in the traveler being denied entry, detained, deported, andor deemed inadmissible to enter South Africa in the future.The Elite and Community Protests in South Africa, Shawn Hattingh, 5 August 2009 People are demanding public service, not service delivery, Steven Friedman, Business Day, 2009 Service Delivery Protests: Findings from Quick Response Research on Four HotSpots Piet Retief, Balfour, Thokoza, Diepsloot, Centre for Sociological Research, 2009 edutainers south africa

'Edutainers' from Standard Bank Group bring education and development opportunities to SA's children 10 December 2014. Education, literacy and focused earlylearning opportunities for children are three of the major challenges facing South Africa as the country celebrates its 20th year of democracy.

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7 July 2016 Gauteng, South Africas most densely populated province will be the beneficiary of thirteen (13) edutainers and ten (10) buildings from the National Lotteries Commissions funding for Early Childhood Development (ECD) infrastructure at a sodturning event on Friday, 8 July 2016.

A much needed boost The Starfish Greathearts Foundations Winterveldt Project, which suffered a setback last season after heavy rains severely damaged buildings, has been given a much needed

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The Gauteng Department of Education Early Childhood Development Institute has endorsed Edutainers in an official letter from their director. Download the official letter here or read below. Early childhood is a crucial time in our lives.

Currently, in South Africa, 14 million people experience hunger on a daily basis while 1 third of the food we produce goes to waste. FoodForward SA a verified NPO is working to address this problem by harnessing the potential of edible, wasted food.

Edutainers, which is what containers repurposed as classrooms are being called, are fulfilling a vital part in many areas of South Africa where facilities are lacking. For many learners edutainers have moved the classroom from under a shed or tree into a more comfortable environment.

An education system designed to prevent intellectual development has left schools in South African townships and rural areas poorly resourced and with substandard infrastructure. Believing that a safe, bright and resourced environment is conducive to positive childhood development, the folks at the Bright Kid Foundation have come up with a costeffective alternative to failing schools.

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Bright Kid Foundation is honoured to be the recipient of this prestigious award. It is a testament to the Bright Kid Foundation ECDC program delivering high quality certified ECD infrastructure a significant, sustainable investment in South Africas children.

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