Do african cichlids eat live food

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Full Answer. Haps have a much more diverse diet. They eat algae but will also eat zooplankton, scales and meat from other fish. They will also eat whole fish if they are small enough. The fish that stay in the shallow areas have also been known to pick bugs from the surface of the lake.Jul 23, 2011 Live food for African cichlids? I just had a batch of guppies that did not sell and i have way too manny so i decided to feed some of them to my labs in my 75 gallon tank i put 12 small guppies in there and its been a week and the fish wont even attempt to eat them whats going on. do african cichlids eat live food

Aug 05, 2012  Cichlids need high vegetable matter in there diet and feeding to much protein can lead to problems later down the road. Bloat as well as hole in the head come to mind. African cichlids do not get HITH. African cichlids require 60 minimum of Algae based foods, and

Do african cichlids eat live food free

Oct 24, 2009 African Cichlids and live food. I know, sorry, I was in a bit of a rush earlier. I have mainly been looking at some of the peacock, acei, cobalt blue, auratus, electric blue and yellow, possibly blue dolphin, and jewel cichlids (and slender cichlids but they don't count in this).

Jul 23, 2014 Question Which food is best for african cichlid? in Fish Food forum I'm only asking in regards to pellets. Yes its always frustrating when they won't eat when you buy them new food. h Live Plant Made New Tank Cloudy hartnelly posted Mar 25, 2019 at 8: 23 PM.

Picking the best cichlid food for color& growth isn't always easy. That's why we are here to help you choose the best food for your cichlid color. it helps to know a little bit about how these beautiful fish live in the wild. really, just give them enough food so they eat steadily for 1 to 2 minutes. The way you can judge if theyre

Feeding African Cichlids. It's not necessary to feed several different brandspreparations of food to your fishes if you have a good quality flake or pellet. I feed my herbivorous fish primarily Spirulina supplemented with frozen peas, romaine lettuce, spinach, and

Most African cichlids are omnivores. Feed sinking pellets or flakes as a staple food. Give green food like grocery store spinach occasionally, as many cichlids like green foods. Provide the occasional treat of live or frozen animal food like brine shrimp and bloodworms. These are available at most pet shops.

Blood worms, flakes, pellets, etc. EDIT New Life Spectrum is the best i have found anywhere for cichlid food. DO NOT FEED AFRICAN RIFT LAKE CICHLIDS BLOOD WORMS.

Dec 12, 2011 Most African Cichlids including Mbuna will eat fish eg: Small fry. The Larger predators of the Lake ie Haps will eat larger fish, crabs and other encrustations. Food in the video.

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Malawi Cichlids: a Diet guide. Meat (again) things mentioned above, like brine shrimp, are fine in moderation. Other things arent worth the risk. As Ive already said, African Cichlids digestive tracks really arent suited for meat, so beefheart, chicken or any other meaty foods like this are a nogo.

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