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Jul 18, 2010  Pantokrator (Death metalTechnical death metal) Parachute Band (South African) (Punk Rock) Paramaecium (Deathdoom) Paramore (Punk Rock) Note the posts name is Heavy Bands With Christian Members not Christian Bands also note my opening statement: Okay for all those wondering like I was heres a listThe following is a guest post by Edward Banchs, author of Heavy Metal Africa: Life, Passion, and Heavy Metal in the Forgotten Continent. One of the continents largest economies, South Africa is south african christian metal bands

I used to be in a band in South Africa. More about that later. While I was in the band, people around would constantly complain about how hard it was to make it in the South African music industry, and that, even if you managed to, the ceiling was too low to stand tall. It sucked. South African music has come a long way since then, however.

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South African Gospel first hit the international music scene when Paul Simon introduced us to Ladysmith Black Mambazo on his gamechanging 1986 release Graceland. Since then, it's remained a calm but mighty force in global music, drawing fans from both the Christian and the secular world.

South African Christian Metal. Public group. About. Discussion. Events. Videos. Photos. Files. Search this group. Join Group. settingsMore. Here is a band that is from New Zealand but has a South African vocalist I believe. Check it out. youtube. com. Enoch Loner Official Music Video.

Bring Christian rock and metal music& bands to South Africa. 458 likes. A community page about bringing more Christian rock and metal music and bands to

South African Metal Bands. We've covered 44 South African metal bands, which you can browse below. We're always expanding our database so check back often. If you are in a metal band from South Africa, please see our F. A. Q. for tips on how to get your band listed on Metal Underground. com. . Return to Bands

South Africa's top metalcore act. These guys are tight and precise live and are not afraid to experiment: 8: 8. Warthane An iconic band that shaped a lot of the modern metal scene in south Africa. An iconic band that shaped a lot of the modern metal scene in south Africa. 7: 7. Enmity

In my opinion, the 90s was a decade which produced a plethora of some of South Africas greatest bands such as; The Springbok Nude girls, Wonderboom, Fuzigish, Just Jinjer, Hog Hoggidy Hog, BOO! , Bed On Bricks and Squeal.

Platforms like Nigeria's Audio Inferno and the South Africanbased Metal 4 Africa are some of the rare few that cover African metal bands, and there's been a handful of documentaries like heavy

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BloodBeast is a South African Death Metal band hailing from the soils of Pretoria, Gauteng. It was founded in 2011 by Van666 Alberts after the demise of a legendary South African Death Metal band Architecture of Aggression.

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