Causes and solutions to poverty in africa

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Unfortunately, poverty in Africa doesn't result from just one or two causes. There are a number of different factors at work, all interacting with one another, and making the problem of entrenched poverty extremely difficult to solve.Reasons of Poverty in Africa and Solutions Corrupt Governments: The governments are not only corrupt and embezzle the state money, Internal Conflict: Africa has often fallen prey to internal conflict. Illiteracy and Unemployment: The lack of education results in unemployment. Mismanagement of causes and solutions to poverty in africa

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What are the causes of Poverty in Africa? Despite its claim to large reserves of resources, Africa is still the poorest continent in the world. The incidence of poverty in Africa is multifaceted and cannot be traced to one cause. Many people, in and out of Africa, are quick to

Possible solutions to poverty in Africa Factors that lead to poverty in south Africa. causes of poverty in Kenya. Causes of poverty in Sudan. Causes of poverty in Somalia. Causes of poverty in India. Causes of poverty in Uganda. Causes of poverty in Nigeria.

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But in many cases, oilrich African countries are also more likely to be exploited by other countries or powerful corporations who always find a way to not pay muchneeded taxes (billions and billions of dollars). In most developing countries, disparities pose the problem of redistribution of wealth,

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