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Our team has represented numerous South African and international clients engaged in takeovers, reverse takeovers, corporate mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, hostile bids, privatisations and empowerment transactions.This article was first published in The Mergers& Acquisitions Review, 4th Edition (published in September 2010 editor Simon Robinson). Chapter 51 SouTh AfRicA The cornerstone of the South African M& A legislative framework is the Companies Act 1973 (the Companies Act). A new Companies Act 2008 (the New Companies Act) company mergers in south africa

Scheme of arrangement. Competition approval in South Africa usually takes about three to four months for large mergers, resulting in a delay to the timetables for general offers, schemes of arrangement, and amalgamations and mergers. As a result of this delay, there is no timing advantage from any particular takeover method.

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Private mergers and acquisitions in South Africa: overview. by Francois Terblanche and Cristy Lelean, Knowles Husain Lindsay Inc. and Hylton Cameron, Grant Thornton Advisory Services (Pty) Ltd.

In recent years, mergers and acquisitions (M& A) activities have become an important channel for investment in Africa for both global and local market players. Mergers and Acquisitions in Africa. Mergers and Acquisitions in Africa. In this section. 20 Dec 2012. During the past year, deals in South Africa accounted for 57 of the overall

south afrIca Bowman Gilfillan Inc. 272 Getting the Deal through Mergers& acquisitions 2010. In respect of a scheme of arrangement, the scheme document convening the scheme meeting must be posted within 30 days of the firm intention announcement being published.

company mergers and tax (part 1) Dachs and La Grange in Income Tax implications of the new company law merger provisions South Africa does not apply a group basis of taxation. Broadly speaking and provided that the requirements of the applicable sections are met, transactions within the ambit of the corporate rules can be undertaken

The Mergers and Acquisitions Division conducts merger reviews in terms of Chapter 3 of the Act. Firms entering into Intermediate or Large mergers are required in terms of Section 13A of the Competition Act 89 of 1998 (the Act) to notify the Commission of that merger in a prescribed manner and form (See how to file a merger below) and may not implement that merger until it has been

Merger and Acquisition Activity Update. Please note that merger activity updates are listed according to the Competition Commissions financial year which runs between April to March of the following year. a to c of the Competition Act set out the classification of mergers and acquisitions (Small, Intermediate or Large) in terms of the

A Q& A guide to merger control in South Africa. Mergers and acquisitions in South Africa are subject to the Competition Act 1998. Is a holding company and the firm is a subsidiary of that company under section 1(3)(a) of the Companies Act.

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