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A vibrant party scene and ready access to modern conveniences make Costa Rica a must among eco traveling destinations. Kenya This African nation has long been a favourite of the eco traveler.Today, ecotourism is the major type of tourism that consists in South Africa. A major economic benefit that ecotourism brings to South Africa is the potential to alleviate poverty in South Africa through bringing money into the economy and creat ing job. eco destinations south africa

SOUTH AFRICA More than half the A good example of conservation is a company in Namibia which operates five ecolodges. Botswana is home to a wide variety of nature and wildlife, making it one of Africas top safari destinations. Many of the animals typically associated with the African continent, call Botswana home

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The Best Ecolodges& Wilderness Resorts in South Africa. Singita (Sabi Sands Reserve and Kruger National Park): The muchlauded Singita offers the best game lodge experience in Africa, with a choice of styles, from plush colonial to the last word in contemporary Afrochic, and superlative gameviewing.

South Africa has been considered a world leader in medicine since the first human heart transplant was performed in Cape Town in 1967 and today the high standard of surgery, medical research and medical technology makes a name for South Africa worldwide in the

ecotourism in south africa It is almost impossible to separate a tourism experience in South Africa from a nature experience. So rich is the country in scenic beauty and wildlife, that these facets remain the strongest motivation for overseas tourists to visit South Africa.

Ecotourism in South Africa. Ecotourism is the idea of bringing tourism into a country without affecting a nation's natural economy by promoting and supporting its biodiversity. Instead of foreign parties entering an African nation to hunt big game, the idea of a photographic safari is promoted to attract a more ecofriendly clientele.

Connect with ECO SOUTH AFRICA At Eco South Africa Sport and Travel, we know we have a responsibility to make travelling an uplifting experience for all concerned, from our travellers to the people they meet along the way.

South Africa is a high ranker in responsible tourism and offers many superb eco destinations and sustainable tourism products. Some of these simultaneously provide oodles of luxury every bit as splendid as their contributions to conserving our exquisitely precious tip of Africa.

Nature is the guardian of Africa. While the sun lights the African sky in day time, the moon begs the world to help her lighting Africa in the night Munia Khan No matter how few possessions you own or how little money you have, loving wildlife and nature will make you rich beyond measure.

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Ecotourism destinations in South Africa are environmentally responsible, allow travel and visits to relatively undisturbed natural areas for the traveller to enjoy and appreciate nature, promote conservation, have low visitor impact, and provide beneficial involvement of local communities.

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