African forest elephant tusks

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Jan 15, 2019 The tusks of these forestdwelling elephants are denser and more desirable to carvers than the ivory of any other species. About 62 percent of all forest elephants have been killed for their ivory in the last decade.African Forest Elephant Physical Description. Size: Adult males have a shoulder height of up to 8. 2 ft (2. 5 m), Distribution. These elephants are found in the Congo Basin, in the countries Habitat: Where do they live. They live in the dense, tropical rainforests. Behavior. Forest elephants african forest elephant tusks

There are also differences in the size and shape of the skull and skeleton. Forest elephants are found most commonly in countries with relatively large blocks of dense forest such as Gabon, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Cameroon and Central African Republic in central Africa and Cte dIvoire, Liberia, and Ghana in west Africa.

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African Forest Elephant As the name suggests, the African Forest Elephant is a forest dwelling creature that is mainly found roaming the forests of Western and Central Africa. Out of the three major species of elephants found in Africa and Asia, the African Forest Elephant is the smallest and the third largest land animal of the world.

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