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Gardiaan Boerboels& Ysterberg Mastiffs Boerboel Breeders in South Austraila. The Boerboel [burbul, also known as the South African Mastiff. Ysterberg Mastiffs. YMBC. South African Farm Dog. Bred to protect your Family and live Stock. , Lewiston South Australia Australia 5501How can the answer be improved? ysterberg mastiff breeders south africa

Yes you may but please remember that we are trying to breed back to the original Ysterberg dogs regarding size, health, temperament etc. If you decide to join the Ysterberg Mastiff Breed Council your dogs will be entered into the DEVELOPMENT REGISTER. We are developing the Ysterberg Mastiff breed.

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Gardiaan Boerboels& Ysterberg Mastiffs. The Boerboel is a Mastiff breed from South Africa. Bred for Guarding You and your Family, they are loyal to their families but aloof with strangers. They are extremely large, powerful dogs that were bred to work independently as guardians and therefore should be supervised around strangers.

His breeding principals has made the ysterberg boerboels stand out as the most social and loyal bloodline in the boerboel breed. We consider these dogs to be the very essence of the boerboel breed, and do our best to bring the bloodline further in to the future by trying to do the same as old Klaas.

Apr 28, 2017 BOERBOEL A SOUTH AFRICAN MASTIFF TRAINED FOR CIVIL AGGRESSION unique identity and qualities of the breed as a South African developed mastiff. Type, conformation, functional efficiency and

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Buji Ysterberg Mastiffs, South Africa. 1, 021 likes 2 talking about this. Ysterberg Mastiffs were bred as South African farm dogs in the mid 1900's. The

Lionglen Ysterberg Mastiffs are registered breeders with the Ysterberg Mastiff Breed Council. The Ysterberg Mastiffs are one of the leading breeds in the world with unique qualities and traits unsurpassed by other breeds.

Ysterberg mastiff puppies for sale. They were born and will be 11 weeks old on. All their vaccinations and deworming are up to date, will be microchipped. excellent family dogs, working dogs, guard dogs and companions.

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