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CFC rules to be amended in the battle against BEPS. A controlled foreign company (CFC) is any foreign company of which more than 50 of the total participation rights are directly or indirectly held, or of which more than 50 of the voting rights are directly or indirectly exercisable, by one or more South African residents. Section 9DPwC Controlled foreign companies sharing substance Requests by SARS for relevant material SARS Watch 2. Background. A South African resident with an interest in a CFC may be taxed on the net income of that CFC, subject to certain exclusions and exemptions. south african controlled foreign company rules

CFC rules are rigid. The CFC rules will broadly speaking apply if South African residents hold more than 50 of the shares and or voting rights in an offshore company. Section 9D will not apply to a resident who holds less than 10 of the shares in a CFC.

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Does the South African Controlled Foreign Company regime overprotect the Controlled foreign company (CFC) rules Action 12: Aggressive tax planning arrangements PwC refers to the South African member firm, and may sometimes refer to the PwC network. Each member firm is a separate legal entity. Please see www. pwc. co. za for further

South African tax applies where failure to tax foreign controlled company income will likely lead to an artificial flow of funds offshore, not where taxation will likely damage South African

South Africancontrolled companies that operate in jurisdictions in which the tax rate is less than 75 percent than tax payable in South Africa, are required to include the foreign net income when calculating the tax owed in South Africa to prevent profit shifting to lowtax territories.

SAs controlled foreign company rules have been internationally acknowledged as being well designed and were recommended as one of three options for countries to implement.

In the 2017 South African Budget speech, the Minister of Finance raised governments concern that the current Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) rules do not capture foreign companies held by interposed trusts or foundations, and it was announced that countermeasures for the treatment of foreign companies held by trusts or foundations will be considered.

Apr 17, 2013 Taxpayers that own foreign companies need a clear understanding and awareness of the controlled foreign company regime as the foreign company in question, although incorporated in a country outside of South Africa, may still be subject to tax in South Africa.

The foreign company meets an active business test, The foreign company is publicly quoted on a recognized securities exchange, or; The group meets a notaxreduction motive test. German rules. The CFC provisions in Germany ( 714 AStG, Foreign Tax Act) apply to both individual and corporate shareholders of a controlled foreign company.

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Extension of the application of controlled foreign company rules Draft legislation released in 2017 provided that local distributions by discretionary foreign trusts or foreign foundations to individuals and local trusts will be taxable on revenue account in the hands of South African resident beneficiaries.

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