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the name for the four administrative units of Spanish possessions in the AMericas: New Spain, Peru, New Granada, and La Plata encomienda system a system whereby the Spanish crown granted the conquerors the right to forcibly employ groups of Indians; it was a disguised form of slavery.European enclaves in North Africa before 1830. Most of these enclaves had been evacuated by the late 18th century, and today only the Spanish possessions of spanish possession african coast

Claims for North Africa. In 1906, the Algeciras Conference recognized France and Spain's claims for power in the region. Spain was granted lands in the southwest region of the country as well as along the Mediterranean Coast in the North. France was granted the rest and in 1912, the Treaty of Fez officially made Morocco a protectorate of France.

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Spanish West Africa (Spanish: frica Occidental Espaola) is a former possession in the western Sahara Desert that Spain ruled after giving much of its former northwestern African

Many of the structural details of the English language the parts of speech, punctuation, and even the addition of s or es to make words plural have correlating structures in Spanish. But one common structure the addition of an apostrophe followed by an s to indicate possession does not.

spanish enclave on morocco's northeast coast. One of Spain's two remaining footholds on the African continent, the enclave of Mellila occupies approximately 7 square miles on the Guelaia Peninsula, near the city of Nador on Morocco's northeast Mediterranean coast. In addition to the town, there are also two groups of adjacent islands.

On Thursday, hundreds of African migrants stormed the fences of a heavily fortified Spanish enclave located on the coast of Morocco. Over the last few weeks, hundreds more have tried to enter the

Aug 10, 2013  This could be a description of Gibraltar, the British exclave on the southern Spanish coast that was the subject of an international row last week

What are the reasons for the fall of the portuguese rule at the east African coast? language, along with Spanish and French, in Equatorial Guinea. of Libya was an Italian possession

The forbidden coast: a story of a journey to Rio de Oro, a Spanish possession in NorthWest Africa London: Travel Book Club. MLA Citation. Lodwick, John. The forbidden coast: a story of a journey to Rio de Oro, a Spanish possession in NorthWest Africa Travel Book Club London 1956. AustralianHarvard Citation. Lodwick, John.

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For treatment of the island in its regional context, see Latin America, history of, and West Indies, history of. The first inhabitants of Puerto Rico were huntergatherers who reached the island more than 1, 000 years before the arrival of the Spanish. Arawak Indians, who developed the Taino culture, had also settled there by 1000 ce.

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