Webserviceexception unsupported endpoint address

2020-03-31 23:08

After some debugging, it looks like the that is created in the has a NULL value for the endpoint property, while invoking other services has the correct URL for this value.Hi! Take a look at the WSDL of the service when it is deployed on Tomcat. GlassFish helps you fill in the address in the element in the element, while I am not entirely sure that Metro in Tomcat will do this. Best wishes! webserviceexception unsupported endpoint address

Customer has recently installed the Controller Client, but when running the client they get an error Internal error: when trying to use certain functions of

Webserviceexception unsupported endpoint address free

Use the Binding Provider to set the endpoint URL The first approach is to change the property value of the BindingProvider (Port) using the following code:

Hi, You client seems wrong to me. Can you try with the following client as explained in import

Hey Robert Spare Thanks for the additional detail, I made a two points out of this use case and want to

Java Code Examples for The following are top voted examples for showing how to use These examples are extracted from open source projects. return throw new endpoint address: TODO

Here I was trying to test SOAP over JMS in Glassfish application server using Net Beans 6. 5

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I am trying to build a Java client with a wsdl generated by TIBCO. I use NetBeans IDE 8. 0 to import the wsdl file and it generated a set of helper classes. But I got a Unsupported endpoint address: when making a call with the helper classes.

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