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Anandwan. Anandwan was established in 1949 by Baba Amte with a hope of giving marginalised people a dignified life through selfreliance and restoring a sense of belonging which they had lost due to the ill treatment at the hands of society.8 days ago  It continues to resonate through the founders pithy quotes on walls and in the literature of the Anandwan. But Gandhijis philosophy of spartan living certainly allured Amte. Baba was an anandwan baba amte address

Anandwan. Baba Amte developed Anandwan to be a selfcontained ashram (which could be described as a kibbutz for the sick ). Today residents are selfsufficient in terms of basic subsistence. In addition the ashram has various homebased, smallscale industry units run by the residents that generate income to cover additional requirements. Baba

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Greeting Cards (Give them a chance, not charity Baba Amte) (Click on one of the cards for a large image). These greeting cards are handmade using recycled materials by our socially disadvantaged friends residing at MSSAnandwan.

anandwan ashram, changdrapur BABA AMTE'S ASHRAM Anandwan Ashram is the fruit of one person's ceaseless efforts and the humanitarian work of an institution set up by him

Branch: Anandwan IFSC: MAHB Please send us an email with the details of your donation so we can send you a receipt of the donation.

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Anandwan (www. anandwan. in) is the realization of a dream of one man Baba Amte and his team of volunteers. Founded in 1948 and registered in 1951, Anandwan today is a self contained village. Founded in 1948 and registered in 1951, Anandwan today is a self contained village.

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