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PT Akasha Wira International Tbk (previously known as Ades Waters Indonesia) is engaged in the production and distribution of bottled drinking water and beauty care products in Indonesia.britama. com, Akasha Wira International Tbk (dahulu Ades Waters Indonesia Tbk) didirikan dengan nama PT Alfindo Putrasetia pada tahun 1985 dan mulai beroperasi secara komersial pada tahun 1986. Kantor pusat ADES berlokasi di Perkantoran Hijau Arkadia, Jl. Letjend. T. B. Simatupang Kav. 88, Jakarta Indonesia. pt ades waters indonesia tbk address

PT Akasha Wira International Tbk is an Indonesiabased company primarily engaged in manufacturing and distributing hair care products. The hair care products it produces are marketed under the

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Ades Restructures Business Bisnis Indonesia, page B2, PT Ades Waters Indonesia Tbk has restructured its business by closing down its factory in Semarang since 22

AdeS is a brand of drinking water available in Indonesia. The mineral water is also known as ILohas in Japan. The CocaCola Company acquired the Ades bottled water brand for 20 million in 2000 as part of its 45 million investment in the country since 1999 under PT Akasha Wira International Tbk.

Establishment and General Information PT Ades Waters Indonesia Tbk (Perseroan) PT Ades Waters Indonesia Tbk (the Company) didirikan dengan nama PT Alfindo Putrasetia was established under the name PT Alfindo pada tahun 1985.

pt akasha wira international tbk (dahulu formerly pt ades waters indonesia tbk) laporan laba rugi statements of income untuk tahun yang berakhir pada tanggal 31 desember 2009 dan 2008 for the years ended 31 december 2009 and 2008

PT. Ades Waters Indonesia Tbk into PT. Akasha Wira International Tbk. . Such Article of Association change is currently still on process to obtain approval from the Minister of Law and Human Right of the Republic of Indonesia. Sesuai pasal 2 Anggaran Dasarnya, Perseroan dapat

Ades Waters Indonesia Tbk. Berdasarkan Anggaran Dasar Perusahaan, Ruang Lingkup Kegiatan Perusahaan adalah pengelohan dan distribusi air minum dalam kemasan. Untuk menghindari kesamaan nama dengan produk perusahaan, PT Ades Waters Indonesia (ADES) berubah nama menjadi PT Akasha Wira International Tbk.

In 2004 Water Partners Bottling S. A. (WPB), a jointventure company between Nestl S. A. and Refreshment Product Services (a wholly owned subsidiary of The CocaCola Company), acquired a majority stake in the Company and the name of the Company was changed to PT. AdeS Waters Indonesia, Tbk accordingly.

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PT AdeS Waters Indonesia Tbk 6 22 PT ADES WATERS INDONESIA Tbk NERACABALANCE SHEETS 31 MARET 2007 DAN MARCH 2007 AND 2006 (Dalam jutaan Rupiah, kecuali dinyatakan khusus In millions of Rupiah, unless otherwise specified) Catatan Notes AKTIVA

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