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wish to take ownership of the existing Vodafone Home service for (please insert the holder name below) and accept all related changes and terms for this service as I am the current resident at the provided address.Change Account, bill and top up. Vodafone apps; Vodafone products and services; Home Account, bill and top up Managing my account Transfer of ownership. Managing my account. Accessing My Vodafone. Using My Vodafone. Transfer of ownership. My Account Controls. My allowance, usage and charges. Accessibility services. vodafone transfer of ownership address

How to transfer ownership. If the new owner already has an existing Vodafone account, theyll need to provide their account number and enquiry PIN. To transfer a number into a company name, the new owner must be an authorised signatory for the company, and will need to provide the ABNACN and hisher drivers licence number.

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Any queries about the administration of holdings of ordinary shares, such as change of address, change of ownership or dividend payments, should be directed to the Companys Registrars at the address or telephone number immediately above.

Transfer of Ownership Section 1 Section 2 0208 Customers address Signature Positiontitle in the company If Vodafone accepts this transfer application, any unexpired portion of the minimum period of the transferred contract will apply to my contract with Vodafone.

IV. The transfer of the aforesaid facility (partly or in full) is subject to the fulfilling of the transferee of Vodafone India Limited criteria and it is agreed that Vodafone India Limited decision regarding the above request for transfer shall be final and binding.

Transfer of Vodafone Sim Ownership to your Name. To transfer vodafone sim ownership to your Name, submit ownership request form at nearest Vodafone store. The first thing you must do is collecting the Identity proof and address proof documents of both the parties. (ID and Address proof documents of both current owner and yours)

Transfer of ownership Account address 2a. About the recipient customer (proposed number owner) agrees to perform the Vodafone Customer Agreement and to be bound by its terms in every way from the date at which Vodafone completes the transfer of each Transferring Connection. In particular but without limitation, Customer acknowledges

For more information, visit your nearest Vodafone store or call us from your Vodafone mobile on 777. If you have moved your number from On Account to Prepay or Prepay to On Account using Payment Flexibility you will be unable to do Mobile Number Change or Change of Ownership in the future.

From the date Vodafone has actioned the change of ownership, the Gaining Company is bound by and complies with all the provisions of the Releasing Companys contract with Vodafone in relation to the transferred numbers (Contract), and, subject to Clause 4 below, under the Contract.

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Transfer of ownership form Section 1: To be completed by existing Vodafone Office Customer Account contact name I am authorised to transfer service to the named individualcompany as detailed Vodafone may vary or change the Agreement or any

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